Orthopedic and Trauma Care

Joint replacements

HIP and KNEE replacements are the most successful surgeries in Orthopedics for patients of hip and knee arthritis.
The surfaces forming the joint are removed and a highly polished metal prosthesis is inserted. The metal glides smoothly on a high-grade plastic insert. The soft tissue imbalance is also corrected and any deformity is also corrected simultaneously. Read More


Management of road traffic accidents, industrial trauma, falls at home causes a number of fractures of long bones. Aayush hospital is well known and a referral Centre for complex fractures. Fractures treated elsewhere and having complications like non-union and mal union are also treated with good results 24 hrs. Read More

Arthroscopic Surgery

Management of complex injuries of the knee requires arthroscopic (keyhole) ligament reconstruction and then supervised rehab. Arthroscopic ACL and PCL reconstructions using hamstring tendons are done on regular basis for patients and sportsmen. Read More


Spinal fractures are not always caused by trauma. For example, people with osteoporosis, tumors, or other underlying conditions that weaken bone can fracture a vertebra during normal, daily activities. Read More


Osteoporosis is a global disease affecting women and men. Osteoporosis is the cause of major fractures of the wrist, spine and hips. Special considerations are given to such patients. Read More

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