Management of road traffic accidents, industrial trauma, falls at home causes a number of fractures of long bones. Aayush hospital is well known and a referral Centre for complex fractures. Fractures treated elsewhere and having complications like non-union and mal union are also treated with good results 24 hrs.

Managing the traumatically injured patient, especially those with multiple orthopedic injuries, often presents unique medical challenges. These patients often require immediate treatment at irregular hours such as nights, weekends and holidays. Treatment must often be initiated without the benefit of detailed history and physical examination, a pre-existing doctor-patient relationship, or insurance authorizations.

These patients typically need thoughtful, timely intervention to minimize complications, speed recovery, and return the patient to maximum functional capability. In patients with open fractures, emergent irrigation and debridement of the traumatic wounds is necessary. Most displaced unstable fractures require surgical stabilization. This often involves the use of implants such as plates and screws, intra-medullary nails, and external fixators.

Emergency services are also available for such poly trauma patients, which require a team of doctors. Patients who have had a severe injury requiring immediate attention or intervention to sustain life or limb. Our hospital is Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and cares for some of the most acutely ill and injured patients in Vapi and nearby surrounding areas such as Daman, Silvassa etc.

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