Anesthesia Department

Dr. Vandana Deo

Dr. Vandana Deo (MBBS, DA, MD, Anesthesia) is well trained and experienced in the field of anesthesiology.

We provide a range of intraoperative, perioperative and post-operative services besides acute pain services to patients of all ages.

Our endeavor is to make anesthesia and surgery a safe and stress free experience. Facilities and Services available:

  • Specialized pre-operative assessment: This is done to evaluate, optimize and minimize risk to the patients. Here patients are educated regarding the anesthesia that they are to receive, which subsequently reduces the fear and anxiety.
  • Labour analgesia to expectant mothers to relieve the pain of childbirth, leaving only the pleasure.
  • Efficient relief in patients suffering from chronic pain like backache epidural steroid injection.
  • Post operative pain wherein the patient receives continuous analgesia in the immediate 72 hours post operation.
  • We continue to advance quality of care focusing on providing an optimal anesthetic experience by minimizing side effects and complications.
  • Our greatest strength lies in performing maximum number of surgeries under successful regional anesthesia. This technique involves making only the part of the body to be operated insensate by SA/EA/Peripheral nerve block. It requires a great degree of precision and expertise. Its various advantages like less postoperative nausea, good postoperative pain relief and avoidance of complications of general anesthesia.
  • Using latest techniques /drugs in the practice.
  • Regular monitoring in intra and postoperative period using sophisticated multipara monitors.
  • We try to regularly update ourselves by attending various conferences, workshops and fellowship programs.
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About Us
  • Aayush multispecialty hospital was planned, designed and built in 2009 in Vapi with a vision to provide high quality medical care in an efficient and friendly environment.
  • The hospital is well furnished with 45 beds and 5 ICU Care beds. It has deluxe rooms, Special rooms and general male and female wards. Our aim is to provide excellence in medical field with standard Clinical services, diagnostic facilities and specialist care in Orthopedics.
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Plot No: 41,42 Near Azad Weigh Bridge, N.H No-8 Vapi-396191 Gujarat India.
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10.00-1.00 and 5.30-7.30
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